Creating the world's first talking dog naturopath

Blackmores, the renowned Australian wellbeing brand, asked Orchard to create their first consumer campaign for their new pet health range.

With Blackmores being famous for their human naturopath teams we seized the opportunity to leverage that equity and create a campaign introducing the worlds first talking dog naturopath to the Blackmores team. His name was Pawl. B. More.

Pawl is a one of a kind canine naturopath, dispensing pet natural health advice in a charming and oftentimes irreverent way. Pet parents were encouraged to ask Pawl any health related questions which may have been troubling them about their fur babies. If they wanted to know why their dog had bad breath, if a wet nose was common, or even how to treat arthritis in their dog, then Pawl was the go-to expert for them.

Not only did we manage to increase consumer awareness of the nascent pet vitamin and supplements category, we also managed to increase product page visits on the website by over 30% in the first two weeks!