My Retail Focus

Connecting clients with retailers

Our Zoetis client challenged Orchard to help them communicate and roll out promotional materials to retail employees in their OTC channel. These employees may not have necessarily received comprehensive product training, impacting their sales success.

With a very limited sales force and tight budget, we developed a website aimed at providing retail employees with an easy-to-use repository for assets, education and point-of-purchase (POP) material ordering.  

By using comprehensive and sophisticated tagging and searching, we made it easy for the retail employees to find the assets and materials they needed, while also limiting resources to be viewable by specified stores or functions only. After launch, a UX feedback campaign was developed to procure further insights from users, and the results used to optimize the site’s user journeys.

To promote the new site, a multi-channel marketing campaign was developed that included email marketing and direct mail premiums. We also informed and excited the Zoetis Sales Reps and their Marketing colleagues using a mock retail store at their National Sales Meeting that featured the assets and services available on the My Retail Focus platform.

The site is constantly updated with new content for retailers, including POP materials to order (both print and via digital kiosks), eLearning modules, interactive quizzes and videos. As a result, over half of all visits are now from return users. Average open rates on email communications are also very high at 23%, and over 600 online training modules have been viewed so far.